I don't know if I say this enough, but EAT Club is awesome. Everyone loves it. Before, we had standardized orders that all team members had to eat... Now, everyone is happy every day because of the autonomy in ordering.

John Fallone, CEO

Telecommunications | 11-50 employees

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area & Los Angeles

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When it comes to food, meeting everyone's demands can be a full-time job.
We're making it easier.

How It Works

Meet Lisa | Product Manager

Meet John | Office Manager

Lisa and John's company offers EAT Club as an employee perk. How lucky!

Learn About Employee Lunch Perks

Lisa just saw her daily reminder to visit the menu and order today’s lunch. It’s all you, Lisa.

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Meanwhile, with lunch on autopilot, John is taking a break.

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Everything comes individually packaged, so setup and cleanup is a snap.


Individually labeled meals make for easy locating and pickup.

iPhone and Android apps notify everything when lunch has arrived.

And that's how we bring everyone to the table.

So, who's ready to eat? Find out more.

Your lunch, your choice.

Don't let other people choose for you. Eat what you love.

Options for everyone.

Vegetarian, flexitarian, or bacontarian, don't change on our behalf.

Actually take that break.

No more driving, no finding parking, no waiting in line.

A cinch to set up.

In < 10 mins, invite your whole company and have food delivered tomorrow.

Reliable as all get-out.

From on-time delivery to on-call support, we won't leave you hanging.

A breeze to manage.

No more complaints from picky eaters or leftovers to deal with.