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"I don't know if I say this enough, but EAT Club is awesome. Everyone loves it. Before, we had standardized orders that all team members had to eat. 60% would be happy, 20% ambivalent, and 20% hated it. To me, that was a win. Now, everyone is happy every day because of the autonomy in ordering. And if the food is bad, they can adjust going forward."
John Fallone, CEO at Sendhub
"I was tired of dealing with complaints from employees. EAT Club lets employees choose their own food, meaning everyone gets what they want. It's awesome."
Deja Ramos, Office Manager at IMVU
"EAT Club has proven to be an invaluable employee retention and acquisition tool. We care about our employees and EAT Club's ability to offer them choice for lunch has helped us maintain a positive and collaborative workforce."
Eric Dimaano, HR Director at Bitcasa


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