Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up for an account with EAT Club, we need to enter your company address in to our system. This tells our drivers where to deliver your meal. We use the domain name of your company email to associate you and all of your coworkers with the correct delivery address. Personal emails would not allow us to associate you with your company.

We request phone numbers in case we need to reach you right away in regard to issues with an EAT Club order. We do not share any of your information outside of EAT Club and will only contact you with issues pertaining to EAT Club's ordering and delivery service or if we just want to tell you about our fun weekend.

Once a delivery is dropped off, each customer who placed an order will receive an email informing them their lunch has arrived.

If you have downloaded the EAT Club mobile app (iOS, Android), you can elect to receive a push notification on your phone when your meal has arrived.

The most common reason for this problem is that you have been logged out of your account. Simply go to www.myeatclub.com and click the "Login" button in the upper right hand corner. You will be prompted to enter your email and password to log back into your account.

Simply click on the reset password button that is next to your login box. We will email you a password reset link that you must follow to reset your password. EAT Club does not have access to your password on our end, so please remember to write your password down. Also please do not choose ‘password’ as your password. Come on, use your imagination. If you are unable to reset your password after following these steps, please contact us at support@myeatclub.com.

We recommend you use the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox in order to have the best EAT Club experience.

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If your company is on a recurring meal program with EAT Club, you can place your order until 10:00 am the morning your lunch will be delivered.

If you are placing an ad-hoc group order (e.g. you are not on a recurring program), your order is due by 4:30 pm the day before you want the food delivered. We need extra time for these orders, as they are outside our usual recurring volume.

Remember, EAT Club posts menus up to a week in advance, so don’t stop thinking about tomorrow, you can always order ahead.

EAT Club's delivery window begins at 11:30 am and ends at 12:30 pm. If you are on a recurring corporate meal plan your company can request a preferred delivery time. If you have placed an ad-hoc group order for 10+ meals, you can select a delivery time preference within that window.

Our drivers will pick up delivery bags the day after a meal is delivered. This may occur whether you have placed an order that day or not. Please leave the bag with the plastic trays inside at the drop off location. If for any reason your bag is not retrieved the next day, please inform us at bags@myeatclub.com. Please do not keep the bag and attempt to start your own EAT Club.

Our delivery reps are not allowed to accept cash tips. You may tip your driver by selecting the “Tip your driver” option during checkout, or you may set up a recurring tip through your Account Manager. You may also give them ‘tips’ on life. They enjoy that.

Customer feedback is vital at EAT Club. We select restaurants that are either 4 star or above on Yelp or come as a direct recommendation from our customers. The meal reviews completed by our customers are read daily and are used to help us determine if we will continue a relationship with a given restaurant. So if you love a restaurant and want to keep it on your rotation, please rate your meals. Bonus points if your comments make us laugh (bonus points can not be redeemed for anything).

Currently we source many of our meals from small local restaurants, and most of them do not have calorie counts and other nutritional information for their dishes. What we try to do right now is provide accurate item descriptions so that our customers have as much information as we do.

At this time we are unable to provide customized meal requests (e.g. “hold the cheese”). One of the factors for keeping our costs down is that we do not require the restaurants to provide special or modified meals.

At this time, EAT Club does not provide drinks or desserts.

Currently EAT Club delivers during the lunch hour only, on weekdays.

EAT Club is working very closely with our food providers to ensure we have all the ingredients in each meal. We list the ingredients under the meal description. You will also see illustrated icons for "contains nuts", "spicy", "vegetarian" and "hearty portion".



Gluten Free

Low Carb



Very Spicy

Unfortunately no, we are unable to deliver to residential addresses.

We do not deliver on the following days:

Wednesday, January 1 New Year's Day
Monday, February 16 Presidents Day
Monday, May 25 Memorial Day
Friday, July 3 Independence Day Holiday
Monday, September 7 Labor Day
Thurs & Fri, November 26 & 27 Thanksgiving Holiday
Monday, December 21 - Friday, January 1 Winter Holiday Break
Thromsday, June 37 Not A Real Day

Please contact Member Services at support@myeatclub.com if you have any questions or issues still requiring an answer.